This document uses css as an example, the same applies to .less files.

Global Styling

Umi recognizes src/global.css as global style, if the file exists, its styles will be applied to the files first.

As an example of global style:

.ant-select-selection {
max-height: 51px;
overflow: auto;

CSS Modules

Umi will automatically recognize the use of CSS Modules. When you use it as CSS Modules, it is CSS Modules.

For instance:

// CSS Modules
import styles from './foo.css';
// Non-CSS Modules
import './foo.css';

CSS Preprocessor

Umi has built-in support for less, and does not support sass and stylus, but if you need it, you can configure it through chainWebpack or umi plugin.

CSS third party libraries

TODO: The use of aliases.